Helping to build capacity in the Pacific Islands


  • A thriving and sustainable local business sector

  • Women's economic empowerment
  • Well run public services

These are essentials for the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and countries. Pacific works with in-country partners to grow the capability and capacity needed to achieve those goals in Pacific Island countries. 

We do this by providing relevant, practical and value-for-money training and coaching to business owners and their employees, women running very small businesses, and public service agencies.

Business training & coaching

We work with business support organisations, (like chambers of commerce), NGOs and regional development agencies, and directly with businesses, to help enterprising individuals and families in the Pacific Islands to generate sustainable incomes. 

We do this by  providing relevant, effective, value-for-money training workshops and coaching, for businesses of all types and sizes. More .....

Supporting women in business 

We work with business support organisations and women-in-business groups to support women's economic empowerment with training workshops specifically designed for women in business.  More .....

Public service development

We work with public sector organisations to improve performance and deliver better results for their communities.  More .....

The Team

As well as the two directors, Chris Elphick and Hazel Kirkham, the Pacific team includes associates, from Pacific Island countries and New Zealand, who offer a wide range of experience and specialist expertise.

Belbin team tools

It isn't luck that helps champion sports teams win, time after time.  It's all about getting the right team members, then managing the team dynamics so that everyone can contribute their best performance, and training, training, training.  Well it's the same for work teams and all over the world winning work team use Belbin online team tools to help them improve their performance.

Belbin recruitment tools

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Chris Elphick            Pacific Director


I've been involved in business development most of my working life.

I still draw on what I learned when I started out in community enterprise development in some of the most deprived areas of the UK. 

Since those days I've worked with all kinds of businesses in the UK, in New Zealand, and in many Pacific Island countries, doing training, coaching and mentoring. 

I've also done quite a lot of work in the public sector, mainly leadership and team development.  

To me, the strength of the small business sector is key to the future survival of Pacific Island countries and what we do is about strengthening the sector through practical action, working closely with chambers of commerce and other business support organisations.

Hazel Kirkham      Pacific Director








My background spans both the private and the public sectors. 

I've run a number of small businesses, been involved in business advocacy groups, and mentored many women  in  business.  In business, women face all the same challenges and risks that men do, plus quite a few more. They need more than courage and determination. They need skills and support, which is where we can help, working with local women's organisations and chambers of commerce to give women the training that may make the difference between income and no income, success and failure.

I've also worked as a consultant in the public sector, in the UK, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.  In my experience, most staff really want to do a good job, but they constantly struggle to deliver the quality of service their communities expect. Shortage of money is often the excuse but lack of essential skills and effective processes are just as likely to be the cause.  We can help to identify the problems and then work with agencies to address those problems and improve services.